Balkan Shorts at the Outcast Europe Exhibition

Μνήμες και βιώματα μετανάστευσης παρουσιάζονται με τρόπο δημιουργικό και εξερευνητικό σαν ένα κουβάρι που ξετυλίγεται μεταξύ του χτες και του σήμερα.

Tο ταξίδι είναι ο συνδετικός κρίκος τόσο μεταξύ των ίδιων των ταινιών όσο και αυτών με την έκθεση Outcast Europe Exhibition στο Μπάγκειο

Το πρόγραμμα των ταινιών επιμελείται ο οργανισμός Balkans Beyond Borders με επιλογές από το ομώνυμο διαγωνιστικό Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους που αποτελεί και την κύρια δράση του οργανισμού. 


Λίγα λόγια τις ταινίες:

Refika, Özge Deniz Özker, Greece/Turkey, 11.18’, documentary 

“Hearing different versions of the story about Refika and her love Nazmi, Ozge Deniz tries to find out which version is the real one. Who is the woman in the photograph? Who is Refika? Who writes history?”

-The land in front, Fabrizio Lecce, Italy, 29’ documentary

Two travel stories, a search of the future and the other in search of the past between the cultural roots of their identity.

-Di Là, Giulio Tonincelli, Italy/Albania, 8’, documentary

Travelling is a luxury only for those who own a passport, a good passport, with which they can move around the globe with little economic efforts. For other people, who do not own a certain passport or a visa, this luxury is a desperate need, and a risky one. 

-In the Land of Oranges, Nadir Mauge, Palestine/Israel, 14.44’, documentary

From Jaffa to Bethlehem, Palestine. An attempt to remind us of the past and reconnect with the life they once knew.

-Feeling of a Home, Io Chaviara & Michalis Kastanidis, Greece, 26’, documentary

Instead of waiting passively for the border to open, they exist in the present, they envision the future and they create conditions that bring them closer to a feeling of a home.

– At the border, Laurent Rouy, Serbia-France, 17′, fiction

“Arnaud, a young French man, is in love with Jelena. The only problem is that she lives in Serbia, and he is not allowed to enter. “

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