Physical Training at the perinatal period

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
  • Pregnant women or women who have recently given birth
Days / Hours of service
  • After consultation with the beneficiary
Supported languages


Every pregnant may follow a specialised Physical training programme consisting in gentle exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques with the aim of:

  • improving the physical condition of the pregnant,
  • preventing excessive weight gain,
  • improving the position of her body and what the woman thinks of it,
  • alleviating possible back pain,
  • strengthening of the myoskeletal system of the pregnant,
  • flexibility, agility,
  • preventing unwanted injuries during pregnancy,
  • enjoying exercise, well-being, healthy mental state,
  • facilitating labour, because exercise increases energy and improves functionality of the muscles which are active during labour,
  • faster recovery of the woman’s body after labour.

Participation/referral information

The physical education programs take place online, and are addressed to the beneficiaries who participate in other programs of the Fenareti Center.

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