User guide


  1. How do I navigate the Platform?


a.Members Page: The MEMBERS page displays general information about the organizations registered on the platform. At the end of each individual page, there is more information on the Services and Activities implemented or planned respectively by each body.

bServices Page: on the SERVICES page you may find the Services provided by all registered members, which the user can search by filters and by a map.

cActivities Page: on the ACTIVITIES page you may browse Activities organized by the registered members in the upcoming period, which the user can search based on filters.

dSupport Page: on the SUPPORT page, all open requests for support to and from registered members are posted.

Toolkit page: on the TOOLKIT page, you may find useful publications from our network of members and collaborators such as surveys, guides and information material. Please send your material here.

The ACCMR platform is available in Greek and English. You can set the user language by selecting the appropriate setting at the top right of the page.

  1. To whom is it addressed?


a. To all bodies that provide services and / or organize actions for the benefit of migrants and refugees and their staff (local and international NGOs, International Organizations, informal groups – citizen groups, migrant and refugee communities, local government bodies / services and .a.).

b. To private sector actors who want to support services and activities.

c. To individuals who want to support services and activities.

Note: The platform is not directly aimed at beneficiaries and therefore, the information posted should be aimed primarily at facilitating other bodies to refer their beneficiaries.

  1. Why become a member?


By uploading services and activities on the platform, you contribute:

a. facilitating the exchange of information and available resources between stakeholders.

b. in the mapping – recording of services and activities in the neighborhoods of Athens.

c. Linking between those who provide services and organize activities for the benefit of migrants and refugees and those who want to support these actions.


  1. In what capacity can I become a member?


aIf you are an organization: Members of the ACCMR platform may be local and international NGOs, international organizations, migrant and refugee communities, citizen groups, agencies / municipal services, companies wishing to support corporate social responsibility organizations, foundations and other bodies supporting initiatives to improve living conditions and the integration of migrants and refugees.

These bodies can be registered in the capacity an Organization. Once registered, they can upload Services and Activities to the platform. Stakeholders can also support other stakeholders in implementing their initiatives through the support tool.

If you are an individual: Individuals can become members of the platform as Individuals by registering in their personal capacity. Private supporters do not have a visible profile on the Members page of

Depending on whether they have chosen to receive messages from members of the ACCMR platform seeking support, they will be notified when a registered entity wishes to request support.

  1. How do I register


a. In the menu that appears on the main page at the top right, click on Member Registration and you will be taken to the user category option.

b. Once you have entered your user category, you will be taken to the registration form.

Note: Your user description text is not where you list the services you provide. This will take place at a second stage by “uploading” your services through a special form.

c. After registering your Agency details, you will receive a message on the user e-mail with the title: “Register on the ACCMR platform & Verify your email”.

d. Once your account has been activated by the platform administrator, you will receive a message to your operator’s user/username e-mail with the title: “Your account has been activated”.

e. Whether you register as an Organization or as an Individual, you can then edit your registration information, in Greek and English, through Μy profile

  1. What is the registration e-mail and contact person(s)?


a. Each Member on the platform has a unique registration e-mail, which they are responsible for sharing with the person or persons who will upload and manage the information related to the member’s services and activities on the platform.

b. In their registration e-mail, the Users receive automated messages from [email protected] regarding their activity on the platform, e.g. a message that a service or activity has been listed for approval.

It is recommended that the specific e-mail account is a central e-mail of the organization in order to ensure access to the messages, in case the person managing the account is unable to receive them.

c. The Person(s) designated by each actor in the registration form in the field “Contact details with the Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee isssues of the City of Athens (ACCMR)”, will be the person(s) with whom the ACCMR will communicate about the platform.

d. Members who register as Individuals at, also receive automated messages to their registration e-mail from [email protected].

  1. I registered. What is the next step?


After your registration you must necessarily register the services offered by your organization.

Do not list services in your user profile text as they will not be available at the services page. The Service search page displays only those services that have been entered in the relevant form.

  1. How do I register and edit my Services, Activities, Support and Toolkit?


a. Once the member’s account is approved by the platform administrator, the member can register services, activities, support announcements as well as releases/other material in the Toolbox and edit them through the options menu on the top right side of the page.

Both new listings and modifications to existing listings are approved and activated by the platform administrator.

b. Members are invited to upload their services, activities and support announcements only once and preferably in both languages.

c. is a participatory platform and therefore its success depends on the updating of services and activities by its members.

  1. How do Services differ from Activities?


a. Services: services provided over a continuous period and addressed to migrants and refugees with the aim of meeting their needs in the fields of health, education, legal support, housing and access to the labour market, etc.

b. Activities: individual or repeated initiatives of short duration, such as seminars and events planned by organizations and agencies.

  1. What are Facilities?


If you provide many services in a day center, polyclinic or multispace, you can create a “Facility” so that you do not have to repeat the same information when listing your services.

  1. What is Support?


An important feature offered by the ACCMR platform is the interface with individuals, companies, and other actors, who wish to offer support to civil society organizations.

If you are in need of support in various forms (e.g. in kind, know-how, financial support, volunteers, etc.) or wish to offer support to other agencies/beneficiaries in need, you can upload your relevant announcement on the corresponding Support page.

If you are an individual and wish to provide support to specialized organizations that design and implement comprehensive inclusion programs, please register, and upload your offer so that interested organizations can contact you.

  1. In the new platform, where did “Open Calls” go?


To simplify the processes, Activities and Open Calls were merged under the broader category ACTIVITIES, where you can upload open calls for participation in your initiatives such as surveys, workshops, events.

  1. What other new features have been added to the new platform?


When registering services, you can now:

a. Upload services that don’t have a physical address.

b. Share the operating address of a service without making it public on the page.

c. Upload a service but ask us not to publish it in its entirety.

d. State the service capacity of the service.

e. State the capacity in interpreters per service.


When searching for services and activities you can now:

Search using filters on the population group that the service concerns, the language of service, the municipal district, the type of actor, etc.

  1. Cooperation with


The service mapping platform is an initiative of the NGOs International Rescue Committee and Merci Corps and is aimed at refugees and migrants, with information available in English, Arabic, Urdu, French and Farsi.

In the service registration form, users are given the option to choose whether they want to be contacted by the team to upload their services there as well. The aim of the interconnection is the most efficient possible transfer of information to the migrant and refugee communities.

  1. How can I use the ACCMR digital platform if I belong to the human resources of the City of Athens?


The ACCMR platform is a valuable tool for extracting information and knowledge about the priorities of the agencies, organizations, and groups of active citizens of Athens. Through their activity, they highlight the needs and indicate solutions for a multi-collective and sustainable city.

The individual vice-mayorships, departments and services can take advantage of the possibility of uploading their services to cooperate more effectively with other agencies and organizations. Also, they can use the support tool to invite the participation of Civil Society forces who can work with them by actively participating or proposing solutions.