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Service last updated on 24-10-2022

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The Scholarship project was initiated in April 2021 in order to bridge the gap between refugees and tertiary education. To date METAdrasi supports 30 scholars from amongst the suitably qualified refugee and asylum-seeker population for a degree of their choice at the University of the People an American-accredited online institution.

Persisting on forging a path to inclusion, METAdrasi introduces the new cycle of scholarships for studies to The University of the People in the following fields of studies:

  • Business Administration (M.B.A., BA, AS)
  • Health Care (BA, AS)
  • Computer Science (BA, AS)
  • Information Technology (M.A.)
  • Education (M.ED.)


Participation/referral information

The application process is underway, and the deadline is on the 21/10/2022 Extended until 26/10/22
Applications and additional information:

For more information, please contact Anastasia Tantarouda Papaspyrou at the email [email protected] and Maria Koumianaki at the email [email protected]

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