Youth Centre


The Youth Center is an intercultural space, specially designed for teenagers and young people, from 13 to 24 years old. The Network for Children’s Rights began operating the Youth Center back in 2016 in order to offer a wide spectrum of cultural, educational, and psychosocial activities and thus contribute to raising awareness for human rights between teenagers and youth. It is an open and safe space providing support and leisure to all young people without discrimination of any kind, serving also as a meeting point.

There is a group of specialized professionals and volunteers who daily encourage participation in creative groups, collective social /cultural initiatives, and interaction and communication with other teenage groups. At the same time, the emphasis is being placed on building trust, skills development, educational support, and professional orientation.

Youth Center offers:

  • Artistic workshops and educational activities in: theatre, music, dance, visual arts, cinema, sports, outdoor activities, as well as language learning, remedial teaching, journalism courses and audiovisual production
  • Educational programs on: children’s rights, climate change, inclusion, gender inequality, sexual education, bullying
  • Employability workshops: workshops to help young people make educational and vocational choices with a view to their self-determination and equal participation in the community
  • Psychosocial intervention: individual and group meetings of adolescents and parents/guardians with a social worker
  • Teen lending library: literature, poetry, dictionaries, educational aids
  • Leisure: board games, musical instruments, football, table tennis, free internet access, laptops, tablets, projector for screenings

Participation/referral information

Registrations take place every day from 12:00 to 20:00, at the Adolescent Network site after a telephone appointment at 2105148366 (189 Konstantinoupoleos, Kolonos) and 6943095249 (What’s up).



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