Stakeholder: Network for Children's Rights
Type of stakeholder: Non Governmental Organizations

Service last updated on 22-09-2022

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The Network cooperates with the UNICEF Office in Greece for the implementation and promotion of the U-Report in our country. The aim is to strengthen young people’s participation in democratic governance and consultation and to enable them to share their views on issues affecting them and their communities through monthly polls.

The purpose of U-Report is to foster a sense of active participation among teenagers and young people aged 14-25 and to integrate their voices into the policy-making and implementation process. For this purpose, we urge you to encourage the children in your structure to register on the U-Report Greece platform and answer their poll questions and on issues that concern them, such as for the month of September regarding education and employability.

In this context, we suggest that you participate in the discussion circles organized by the Teen Network based on the questions and results of the polls.

It is possible for the workshops – discussion circles to take place either at your place or at the Adolescent Network’s place (Konstantinoupoleos 189) and will last 2 hours. During the workshops, the platform will be presented to those teenagers and young people who wish to register on it, and will be followed by an experiential workshop by the Adolescent Network team.

The topics of the workshops are: youth participation in society, the inclusion of refugees and immigrants in Greek society, the effects of the climate crisis, the effects of war, education & employability.

– Information about the program:

U-Report is a UNICEF platform launched in 2011 and used by more than 21 million children and youth in 88 countries.

The platform gives young people the opportunity to express their views on political and social issues that concern them by hosting monthly polls on topics such as their expectations of local authorities, mental and physical health, childhood obesity, the climate crisis and more . Teenagers and young people can register on the U-Report platform, completely free and anonymously, and answer the polls through the popular, in Greece, messaging application – Viber, but also through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Whenever a poll starts, users will receive notifications on the social media they have chosen to sign up with.

The purpose of the U-Report is to act as a data collection tool that can help local, regional and state decision makers create policies and strategies that will contribute to a better quality of life for adolescents and young people and promote children’s rights.

Participation/referral information

Regarding the U-Report program which is included in the weekly program of activities of the Teen Network (every Monday at 17.00 – 18.30) there is also the possibility of implementation at the site of each agency/organization/structure after telephone confirmation at 2105148366 (every day 12.00 – 20.00).

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