Homeless Dormitory


The Night Shelter for the Homeless is co-financed by the Regional Operational Program of Attica for the programming period 2014-2020.

In particular, “Night Shelters” are accommodation centers that only operate during the night and cover emergency housing needs of those living on the street. They provide night-care services, personal care and hygiene, psychosocial support, legal assistance, counseling, health, welfare and social reintegration.

The aim of the project is:

  • To provide basic goods, support services and improving the quality of life of homeless people.
  • Strengthening social cohesion and preventing marginalization and social exclusion.

Beneficiaries of the Night Shelter are homeless people legally residing in Attica, who have to access to secure housing. The beneficiaries include, in particular, those living on the street, and those housed in temporary places or living in inappropriate accommodation. The capacity of for 55 individuals per night.

Participation/referral information

  • Service requires referrals from partner organizations.
  • Visit the social service, from 09:00 to 13:00 at Alikarnassou 49, Athens.

Phone number: 210-5246920
Email: [email protected]

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