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The Hellenic Red Cross offers an accompanying interpretation service called ACCREF (Accompanied Referrals). This office has a team of experienced and trained interpreters / cultural mediators, in order to escort and facilitate the access of refugees and migrants to public health services.

Service is provided, with physical presence of the interpreter, in primary health care units (IKA, ΠΕΔΥ, ΤΟΜΥ, Primary Clinics) as well as in secondary health care units ( Public Hospitals) in Athens. In case of emergency, interpretation by-phone is possible.

Languages ​​of Interpretation: Arabic & Farsi / Dari.

ACCREF has two training programs

Cultural Mediation and Interpreting Services

It is addressed at people who want to become interpreters / cultural mediators.

The aim of the program is to train interpreters in Cultural Mediation, acquiring knowledge and developing skills of successful escort, of immigrants/ refugees / in public services, with particular emphasis on health sectors.

Professional Management of Diversity

It is addressed to health professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, etc.) and to all professionals in hospitals who come in contact with refugees or immigrants.

The aim is to promote intercultural competences among members of the staff of health care institutions, to overcome cultural barriers, recognizing social diversity and promoting equality in the Public Health System.


Participation/referral information

Regular appointments (appointments already scheduled in health care units): Go to: and fill out this form.

Emergency appointments in on-duty hospitals: Call 6909172980, we will process your request and if there is an interpreter available, fill in the form in the above link, and we will accompany the beneficiary.

Interpretation by-phone: Call 6909172980 and we will advise you accordingly.

Our office is located within the courtyard of the General Hospital Korgialenio – Benaki HRC, Marshal building, 2nd floor.


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