BusinessforYOUth 2 week entrepreneurship training!

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2 week entrepreneurship training for youth aged 18 to 35!

Duration: 2 weeks(10 full days)

Frequency: every ‘working’ day of the week, mon, tue, weds, thurs, fri

Hours: on average 3-4 hours per day as of 10 AM (see schedule above)

Where: Athens Solidarity Center, Domokou 2 (Larissa station)

Language: classes are all in English with (Farsi or Arabic) interpretation *

Profile: see online webpage: 18-35 years old, asylum seeker, refugee, Greek or other, formal education not a prerequisite.

Groups: mixed, we aim for 25 people per group

What: business skills(business ideation, marketing strategy, digital marketing…) soft skills training(communication, presentation, pitching) and more!

Deliverable: certificate of participation if over 70% of class is attended.

2) Possibility of entering mentorship scheme, 16 hours of 1:1 with expert/mentor to develop business idea into business plan. This is done through the submission of a business model canvas at the end of the 2 weeks. A symbolic reward of 768 euros for the 40 out of 330 who complete the training. More information on info form.

Upcoming rounds!

Cycle 8: Monday 5th of Nov to friday 16th of November

Cycle 9: Mon 19- Fri 30 November

We have rolling interviews at the Athens Solidarity Center, Domokou 2!

Interviews this week for (Cycle 8 and 9)

Tuesday 30th, October from 12.00 till 16.00.*

Wednesday 31st from 13:00- 16.00 *

Contact:[email protected] for more information!

Web Page: in Farsi too!

Application form:

Contact point: [email protected]