CIRCLE: Manuals for Assessing the Prior Learning of Newly Arrived Immigrant/Refugee Children

KMOP developed 3 manuals for Primary and Secondary Education teachers to help them assess the knowledge and prior learning of newly arrived immigrant and refugee children.

These textbooks are specially designed to respond to the needs and difficulties faced by children with immigrant/refugee backgrounds, such as the minimal knowledge of the Greek and/or English language, their cultural differences and the psychological traumas they may carry. They contain a series of exercises – including in general science, arithmetic, algebra and geometry, physics, statistics and English – that can help assess the prior knowledge of these students.

If you are a primary or secondary teacher, you can find the student handbooks here:

Elementary school

High school


The manuals were created within the framework of the European CIRCLE project, which aims to promote the smooth integration of newly arrived refugee and immigrant children into education and reduce early school leaving rates, through the development of innovative diagnostic tools.

More information can be found on the project website or contact us at [email protected]!