KMOP: Mentoring guide for professionals and volunteers of integration services

KMOP created a guide for professionals and volunteers of integration services and Civil Society organizations, who wish to utilize the mentoring process for the successful integration of migrants into local society.

The M4M Guide is available HERE.

The Guide begins with a brief analysis of the importance of multicultural dialogue and instructions for professionals working in integration services or volunteers wishing to participate in a mentoring program.

Next, the structure and stages of the M4M mentoring program are presented, as well as a chapter on training workshops (workshops) regarding the implementation of mentoring and quality indicators, while a special chapter with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) follows, which were revised after the piloting of the mentoring program in the partner countries.

At the end of the Guide, the goal of immigrant integration is analyzed through two different perspectives: chapter VI refers to the European practices examined at the initial stage of the project, while the last chapter develops policy recommendations based on the conditions prevailing in the partner countries .

About the M4M project

The project “Migrants for Migrants” (M4M) is financed by the EU. and is aimed at newly arrived migrants and refugees who are in the process of settling in a new host country, as well as professionals and volunteers of the Integration Services.

Its aim is to promote the integration of refugees and migrants into the host society through the implementation of a buddy system and more specifically through mentoring. Integration can be achieved through the empowerment of migrants and the creation of links and sustainable contacts between refugee associations, social services, local government and voluntary organisations. The project is implemented in Portugal, France, Austria, Greece, Italy and Romania.