KMOP | Migrants & Refugees in Greece: Limited Political and Civic Participation - Best practices and the role of Migrants Councils

The current national report examines the Greek context as far as third-country nationals’ (TCN) political and civic participation is considered.

Methodologically, a combination of desk and field research has taken place in order to better assess the existing needs, opportunities and obstacles in TCN political participation, and the creation of migrant councils/forums.

Along with the desk research, one focus group has taken place in the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykeon, with six (6) TCNs and also an interview phase with five (5) experts working on the issue, to identify TCN needs, ideas and suggestions as far as political and civic participation, integration and policy making is considered.

During the desk research, best and promising practices have been examined in order to identify transferable knowledge that can facilitate the project’s goal at a European level.