Full Stack Web Development Course


Our goal is to educate, integrate and find employment for people from vulnerable groups, including refugees, the long-term unemployed and people with disabilities.

We provide a comprehensive programming training program to provide our students with the tools to gain employment in technology.

Specifically, we provide Coding Classes (Full Stack Web Development, 6.5 months duration), WordPress Classes (Web front Design) and Computer literacy Classes (Basic skills for using a computer).

Through these programs, students are either taught how to create websites and applications for the Internet or learn basic computer skills.

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Announcements for the courses / programs we run are communicated through our communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Newsletters etc). The application process can be completed by the student individually (Motivation Letter & Online courses) but our office is open all day for queries, guidance and also to provide electronic equipment to our beneficiaries to complete the application process. The only requirement is to speak English as the lessons are done only in this language.

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