Shelter for women victims of violence & their children "of the Municipality of Athens - Directorate of Social Solidarity

Stakeholder: Municipality of Athens
Type of stakeholder: Local Government / Municipality of Athens

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
Days / Hours of service
  • 24/7
Supported languages
The hostel is funded by the project "Operation of structures and services of Local Government for the benefit of women and for the fight against violence - Development and Operation of Hostels". NSRF (2014-2020).


The “Shelter for women victims of violence & their children” of the Municipality of Athens started operating in June 2013 and operates daily 24 hours a day. The Guesthouse provides women and their children with safe hospitality, nutrition, psychosocial support and care by specialized staff (social worker, psychologist, educator).

The aim of the hostel is to support, empower and reintegrate women into the community and the labor market.

The residence has a temporary and transitional character and is addressed to women of all ages, religions, nationalities who have suffered any form of gender-based violence such as: physical, psychological, sexual and financial violence.

Legal advice and assistance is provided through the social services of the Municipality of Athens, the Counseling Centers of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality or other bodies that facilitate their access to employment, education, health and welfare agencies.

Participation/referral information

Referral by phone or email.


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