Experiential Gardening courses for the Elderly

Stakeholder: Organization Earth
Type of stakeholder: Non Governmental Organizations

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
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As part of the “Support Points” program, the Earth Organization implements workshops related to actions for the improvement of physical and mental health, as well as actions for environmental awareness and training of the elderly.

The workshops include theory and practice in the urban, organic vegetable garden of the Earth Organization, in Ilion. This program aims at the well-being, training and sociability of the elderly. Beneficiaries have the opportunity to spend pleasant moments of leisure and creative employment. The knowledge gained by the participants concerns the sowing, composting, growth and harvesting of edible seasonal plants and medicinal herbs with simple organic farming methods which they can easily and inexpensively apply in their places of residence. Parallel activities such as lighting the wood oven, kneading, carving as well as preparing a fresh salad frame their theoretical training.

The activities are implemented within the framework of the program “Support Points”, co-financed by TIMA Public Benefit Foundation, the Public Benefit Foundation Ioannis S. Latsis, the Charitable Organization Hellenic Hope, the Foundation Captain Vassilos & Carmen A. Karvantas. the Bodossaki Foundation. It targets vulnerable groups, such as immigrants, refugees, the unemployed and the disabled.

Participation/referral information

The courses are free and are arranged by emailing at [email protected].

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