Farmers on the Roof


Organization Earth implements free urban organic farming activities for refugees and migrants.

Indicative topics: cultivation of aromatic plants and organic vegetables, construction of flower beds, composting, etc.

Duration: 2 hours per workshop.

Venue: “Center of the Earth” & Terrace Garden of the Educational Association of Athens “Hephaestus”

The purpose of the actions is to connect the participants with Nature and to promote their social integration through the development of skills in the context of participation in urban cultivation activities.

The actions are carried out in the framework of the program entitled “Urban Cultivation Actions for Appeals and Immigrants” which is funded by the German Embassy in Athens.

As part of the project “INTERVENTIONS IN THE CITY” of the City program signed by This is Athens, the Municipality of Athens has chosen ORGANIZATION EARTH to revive the roofs of two buildings, creating terraces accessible to the public. The creation of terrace gardens takes place in two buildings of the Municipality of Athens which are located, the first in the historic building of the school “Hephaestus” in Ano Patisia and the second building at 44 Konstantinoupoleos Street, in Kerameikos. The purpose of the intervention-remodeling is both the greening of the building and the creation of a meeting place and socialization. The action targets vulnerable groups, such as refugees, migrants, the unemployed and the disabled.

Participation/referral information

Access to the rooftops of the school “Hephaestus” in Ano Patisia and the “Organization Earth” in Kerameikos is free and is done after contact via email [email protected].