SYNYPARXIS - Ecumenical Refugee Program

SYNYPARXIS - Ecumenical Refugee Program


"SYNYPARXIS - Ecumenical Refugee Program" (former Integration Center for Migrant Workers- Ecumenical Refugee Programme) is a non-profit organization of the Church of Greece established in 2012 as full successor of the respective service of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece formed which was formed in 1978.

The main objectives of "SYNYPARXIS" include, inter alia, advocacy for justice, dignity and human rights for migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and Greek returnees, monitoring and study of the immigration and refugee phenomenon, as well as promoting mutual intercultural understanding, acceptance and respect for “the other".

In the context of achieving its objectives, "SYNYPARXIS" has been implementing numerous programmes with emphasis on legal and psychosocial support for applicants for international protection; since April 2020 it has expanded its activities in the field of child protection with the creation and operation of shelters for unaccompanied minors with funding from AMIF.

At the present stage, a total of 5 such shelters with a capacity of approximately 200 refugee minors are operating.

SYNYPARXIS cooperates with national, European and international institutions and organisations (IOM, UNHCR, Swiss Confederation, Bread for the World, Ministry of Migration, Municipality of Athens, etc.), is a member of formal and informal networks of organisations in the field and has developed close ties with the migrant communities.

The organization is registered in the Registry of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum and is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.