Social Hackers Academy

Social Hackers Academy


Social Hackers Academy (SHA) is a Greek registered Non-Profit Organisation established in Athens in 2017. Our mission is to educate, integrate and find employment for people from vulnerable groups including refugees, long-term unemployed citizens. We deliver a comprehensive education programme in software engineering, to provide our students with the tools and opportunities to acquire employment in the technology field. Our students, as soon as they graduate, they learn how to create websites & applications for the Internet, to be placed as developers in tech companies. In order to help our students enter the job market, we train them in their soft skills (how to buildd their CV, how to make an interview, how to better communicate with teams) and we organize career days/events with technology companies, to interract with professionals and recruiters.

Core Courses Include:

Coding Classes (Full Stack Web Development Course):

The curriculum is developed in partnership with schools from all over Europe, (“Hack Your Future” Network) and it lasts for 7 months. Interested students apply here and then they pass through an intense application process that you can read here. All of the intrstuctions of the application process are explained through e-mail. The course is free of charge, along with the IT Equipment needed (laptops). Lectures are given from professional developers and classes take places 3 times/week, 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm.

Basic Computer Skills Trainings (Computer Literacy Classes)

The course is offered to people with little-to-no experience with technological tools, providing a solid introduction to computers. The class and the IT Equipment (laptops) needed are provided for free for the students. The curriculum lasts for 20-hours and it trains students how to use applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, etc. The classes are delivered from teachers, that are experienced with computers and familiar with working with social vulnerable groups.