“Video and Storytelling Lab” - Invitation to Short Movies by creators of Greeks and refugees

Five short films produced under the “Video and Storytelling Lab”, implemented by Karpos, Center of Education & Intercultural Communication, with the support of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, will be screened for the first time on Wednesday, 10 May, as part of an event titled “Arts & Inclusion”.

The event will take place at 19.00, in Romantso (Anaxagora 3-5, Athens) and it will include film screenings as well as an art exhibition and a discussion on the topic “Cinema as a means of expression and collaboration”.

Inspired by personal experiences or collective, contemporary concerns, the Lab participants, Greeks and refugees, worked in teams and produced films that explore themes such as empathy, respect, acceptance, peace and justice.

You can find the event agenda here and register for the event here.

The films will be screened with English subtitles.

The event is open to the public, with free entrance.


A few words about the films that will be screened

1. The city of faces (2023). Film genre: Group film directing, poetic essay, documentary. Team: Christos Angelidis, Stavroula Samara, Avra Stavroula Sotiropoulou

How do the faces of the city shape its identity? How does the ancient part of the city interwine with the contemporary one? The creative team loves Athens’ peculiarities and explores them through the -one word- answers of the city centre residents to the question “What does the city mean to you?”.


2. Be Kind (2023). Film genre: Group film directing, fiction. Team: Faith Barekye, Theodore Ali, Dimitra Paraskevopoulou, Samantha Sotos

How much do kindness and politeness cost? The film is based on a true story of a call center employee with disability. With their exceptional protagonist, the film makers want to raise awareness and motivate people to be more kind, even during a simple phone call.


3. People #404 (2023). Film genre: Group film directing, poetic essay, documentary. Team: George Chalakheshashvili, Ornela Ntoko

“404 error” message appears when there is no access to a website due to an error. The film makers chose this title for the people we meet daily in the city, but in reality, we do not see them.


4. “Dikeosini” (2023). Film genre: Group film directing, documentary. Team: Aggelos Barai, Konstantinos Vlachopoulos, Nikitas Sifonios

An interview with the father of Nikos Sampanis, who was fatally shot during a police pursuit. The film deals with the pain of loss and puts in the spotlight the consequences of prejudices and racism towards a vulnerable social group.


5. The Lightkeepers (2023). Film genre: Group film directing, documentary. Team: Mustafa Noah, Olena Soinikova, Elli Xypolitaki

How does a school in Athens, that works on the weekends, help refugee children that have fled the war in Ukraine? How does it help ease children’s painful memories and experiences from the war?


A few words about the “Video and Storytelling Lab”

The interactive workshop “Video and Storytelling Lab”, designed and implemented by KARPOS, with support from UNHCR, started in Athens in December 2022 and was completed in March 2023, with more than 30 hours of theoretical and practical training. 

Fifteen young people, Greeks and refugees, participated in the Lab, exploring in theory and in practice, visual narrative techniques and tools and strengthened their technical skills in all stages of video creation, from scriptwriting to video processing and editing.

Team spirit and collaboration were dominant elements during the seminars, which promoted the exchange of views and ideas and an open dialogue. The collaborative spirit is mirrored in all five short films produced under the Lab, all products of group work. 

After the conclusion of the Lab, the main aim is to have the movies and their stories travel as far as possible, with a view to reach a wider audience and promote inclusion and communities free from exclusion and discrimination.