Seminar: Intercultural Mediation as a Factor of Effective Public Administration and Education

The University of Nicosia (UNESCO Headquarters) and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education (Laboratory of Sociology and Education) of the University of Patras, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Citizenship of the Greek Ministry of the Interior and the High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece, are organizing a seminar entitled “Intercultural Mediation as a factor in effective Public Administration and Education”.

The seminar will take place on November 5, from 09:30 to 15:00, at the Crown Plaza Hotel, in Athens. Entry to the seminar is free and those who attend, in physical presence, will be given a certificate of participation.

At the same time, the seminar will be broadcast live over the internet. Those interested in online participation should register at the link before the seminar.

The purpose of the seminar is to set a broader framework for reflection on the role of Intercultural Mediation as an important pillar of effective Public Administration, education and socio-economic inclusion. Equal and non-discriminatory access in modern societies of law and in all sectors of activity without exception (health, housing, education, culture, labor market, etc.) meets traditional divisions such as “citizens” and “non-citizens”, “us” and ” the other/foreigners”. The ability of modern societies to be aware of the differences and the conflicts they bring but also to set an inclusive dialogue framework, is a democratic choice of integration without divisions but also a legacy for the formation of a diverse statehood and dynamic national identity. Citizens of the future are aware of global and local conditions, demonstrate self-confidence and resilience in adverse times, and act as cross-cultural mediators to resolve any conflicts. Modern states, on the other hand, ensure unfettered access to their services for all and establish mediation structures to resolve disputes and foster a sense of inclusive social justice and economic prosperity.

Seminar participants will have the opportunity to attend relevant presentations, discuss and ask questions to the speakers about the content and professional perspectives of Intercultural Education and Mediation, as well as the necessity of establishing distinct intercultural positions. mediators in Public Administration and Education.

In the seminar, extensive reference will be made to the Distance Interuniversity Master’s Program in “Intercultural Education and Mediation”, which is offered by the University of Nicosia, in collaboration with the University of Patras.

This program inaugurates a common scientific space between Greece and Cyprus in the field of Intercultural Education and Mediation with the aim of synergies between the academic community and education agencies/executives and the practical application of innovative methods of differentiated educational planning and mediation. It is open to all teachers but also to the executives of all non-formal and informal education agencies that deal with mediation. The joint Post Graduate Program offers a paid Internship with the help of the General Secretariat of Citizenship of the Greek Ministry of the Interior.

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