UNHCR launches its 26th National Student Contest: “Tomorrow is now! Climate crisis and forced displacement”

As we mark United Nations Day, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency in Greece, is pleased to announce the launch of its 26th annual National Student Contest, on the theme “Tomorrow is now! Climate crisis and forced displacement!”. School students all ages are invited to reflect on the growing impact of the climate emergency and speak up for climate action.

The climate emergency is the defining crisis of our time. Its impacts are numerous and may both trigger displacement and worsen living conditions or hamper return for those who have already been displaced. Globally, around 80 per cent of refugees are from countries that are most affected by the climate emergency. What is the future of these populations and how can we all act to support those most in need and stop environmental degradation?

UNHCR’s Student Contest encourages primary and secondary school students, including refugees, throughout Greece, to gather information, exchange views, suggest solutions and take creative action to safeguard our planet. Students can work individually or in groups and submit their sketches, posters, collages or comics online through their schools, parents or guardians by 27 January 2023.

Entries will be evaluated by a committee consisting of representatives from Greenpeace Greece, Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, Network for Children’s Rights, Panhellenic Association of Arts Teachers, UNRIC – the UN Regional Information Center (Office for Greece and Cyprus), WWF Greece and UNHCR.

The committee will evaluate all entries based on their innovation and creativity and will award one entry per school level (Kindergarten, Primary school, Junior High School, High School). Awarded entries will receive waste reduction products as gifts, while all participants will be given digital commemorative diplomas for their participation in the Contest.

For more information about the rules and conditions of participation in the Contest, please visit the dedicated page: www.unhcr.org/gr/student-contest-2022.