Theatrical performance "TIS ISTORIES MAS"

The big theatrical moment has arrived, CityZenShip 4!

The Youth Network of the Children’s Rights Network welcomes the French theater group from the French collective Je Par á Zart of Montpellier for the joint presentation with the Greek youth theater group of the performance “Tis Histories Mas [Nos Histories]” and we invite you watch it on Thursday July 13 at Atraktos (Marathonomachon 8, Athens 104 41) at 19:00 – 21:00 with free entry!

The performances will be performed in Greek by the teenage theater group of the Teen Network and will be followed in French by the French teenage theater group.

*The European program “CityZenShip” concerns a series of theater-pedagogical activities, which since 2016 have been carried out by the Network and the French collective Je Par á Zart with the final goal of the participating teenagers presenting their own theatrical performances to an audience.

Thursday, July 13, time 19:00 – 21:00

At ATRAKTOS (Marathonomachon 8, Athens)