Songs for Change: Education for young people up to 29 years old in the values of the European Union

Within the European Program Songs For Change, 20 students are given the opportunity to learn about EU values through music, to be trained in the use of innovative educational tools and new techniques and skills, and to express their views on important issues with a view to becoming active agents of change, reaching out to peers, community and policy makers.

The training will be implemented by the Network for the Rights of the Child – a key partner of the European Program for Greece – on April 10-13 and 18-22, at the site of the Adolescent Network (part of the Network for the Rights of the Child) at 189 Constantinopoleos – Colonos and hours 10:30 – 18:30.

Participating people will have the opportunity to create their own song with lyrics about European values. It is necessary to attend all the days as they will be different topics.

The Erasmus+ Songs For Change Project was created to promote all of the above through innovative and modern educational tools, such as music and musical movement tools, creating videos, lyrics and recordings as a means of expressing and spreading ideas. The program is about empowerment, learning, self-expression and artistic expression, civic engagement and the promotion and defense of ideas and values.

Participants will be given educational material and a certificate of participation in a European Program at Erasmus+ level.

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