"Young Journalists" Program (Migratory Birds)

Teenagers and young people aged 13-24 are invited to take part in the Young Journalists program and become the next young journalists of Migratory Birds Newspaper.

A key element of the program is the weekly editorial meetings where, through brain storming, the journalistic material for the website and the newspaper of “Migratory Birds” will emerge. There the participants will have the opportunity to discuss, reflect and learn article writing techniques, journalistic ethics and practice as well as the tools that a new journalist can use.

At the same time, as part of the program, 3 workshops will be organized with professionals in the field of Journalism, while the participants will find themselves in the “heart” of information through their visits to professional news information areas.

For more information, registration and scheduling of workshops in schools and structures/organizations you can send an email  and/or call 2105148366 (12:00-20:00 Monday to Friday).

Information on the Young Journalists (Migratory Birds) program

What is it;

The “Young Journalists” program is a non-standard, inclusive training practice, with journalism and mass media as key tools, aimed at teenagers and young people aged 13-24. The members of the group “Neoi Dimosiografoi”, a group of teenagers and young refugees, migrants and Greek women, publish the newspaper “Emigrating Birds”, whose content, thematics, and the composition of the articles are the result of a collective members’ work. The newspaper includes texts in English, Arabic, Greek, Urdu and Farsi, while the reader can read articles by the group on the website www.migratorybirds.gr.

Also, the Young Journalists program was included as a promising good practice and example of peer-to-peer participatory learning in a practical handbook for professionals working with children, compiled by the Council of Europe’s Children’s Rights Directorate.

Where is it;

189 Konstantinoupoleos, Kolonos, Athens (Teenage Network)

Contact phone: 2105148366

How did it all begin?

The reason for the creation of the program was the reluctance of the people living in the refugee accommodation structures to talk to journalists, as they believed that their story would not be portrayed as it should be. Thus, in 2017 fifteen Afghan teenage girls and a young Greek woman decided to become journalists themselves and to be the voices of the refugee population. Since then, the group has grown and continues to be constantly enriched by a multitude of new members of many different nationalities and languages.

What is special about it?

The Young Journalists program strives to introduce participant-members to a wide range of activities aimed at familiarizing the group with mass media and journalism.

Through the workshops, the journalism courses, the visits to business premises, but also the editorial meetings, the participants manage to successfully form a theoretical framework, which subsequently allows them to successfully conduct interviews with political figures, successful professionals, etc. while three of the participants successfully completed, during the past year, internships in companies active in the media sector.

Through their participation in the program, teenagers have the opportunity to express themselves while maintaining contact with their native language and culture, share their concerns and experiences and participate in activities that promote their social integration.

Highlights of the Program

1) European recognition of the program as a good practice of the Council of Europe


2) Two-day conference on “Journalism and Media Days”, of the Child Rights Network, where topics related to radio, television, new media, photography, documentary, etc. were presented. were covered.

3) Cooperation with many agencies of Athens

4) Educational visits to media companies such as radio stations, production companies, TV channels, in order to expand the knowledge of the group of Young Journalists

5) Journalism workshops with well-known media mentors on various topics such as photo editing, social media, cinematography, documentaries

6) Three successful internships of three of our team members in well-known production companies

7) Presentations at universities, schools in Greece and abroad, articles and interviews in Germany

8) Participation in the 7th European Forum in Brussels in October 2022, in the panel on “The integration of young people: key to the successful integration of immigrants”

9) Interview with the Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece, Ms. Maria Clara Martin, and interview with the US Ambassador, Mr. George Tsunis

10) Publication of a total of 25 issues (2017-2022)


You can read the issues of the newspaper Migratory Birds


*The program is an initiative of the Network for the Rights of the Child and is implemented with its support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


More information on the implementation of workshops can be contacted by phone at 2105148366 -everyday 12:00 – 20:00- or by email at [email protected]