Online Seminar on Froebel's educational practices in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh

The Network for the Rights of the Child, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, are co-organizing a series of seminars on the educational practices of Frοebel, founder of the first kindergarten!

This is the second series of training seminars and participants will learn extensively about Froebel’s own practice as well as current school of thought in relation to children’s rights, social justice, play, learning, inclusion and anti-racism .

Many of the experiences of the seminar instructors come from the Frοebelian Kindergarten that operates at the University of Edinburgh, where they work. The seminar will show some of their practices and how children are encouraged to learn and make their own decisions about their education. See more about Frοebelian Kindergarten here.

Finally, the second phase of seminars will take place in July 2023 in Athens and will aim to develop research skills that will help strengthen children’s rights in early learning and care.

Αbout the program:

Froebelian Futures aims to empower and connect professionals working with young children, drawing on the child-centered practices of the original kindergarten movement, founded by Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852). Froebel’s pedagogical method has been at the center of educational practices in recent years, as children’s rights have become increasingly important in shaping social and educational policies. Scotland, one of the main places where Frοebel’s practice is widely applied, has successfully incorporated parts of it into the national education system.

Information about the seminar and the next stages, as well as the Network’s partnership with the University of Edinburgh, can be found here.

1st cycle of seminars:

When: 15:30-17:30, 6,7,13,14,20,21 March 2023

Seminar Language: English

Who is it for: Early childhood educators and professionals (however educators of all grade levels are welcome to participate)

Assessment: There is no formal assessment for the course but you will be asked to keep a journal of reflection on your practice and share it with an online network of teachers.

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