Greek and English courses for adults || Open registration for new groups

The Multifunctional Refugee Center is accepting registrations for the new Greek and English classes for adults.

  • Each study cycle lasts a semester
  • Certificates of attendance are given upon completion of each study cycle
  • Students who wish to do so can participate in examinations for internationally recognized language degrees
  • Babysitting services may be available during classes to serve parents of students
  • Free provision of manuals-training material
  • Small classes (up to 15 people)
  • Two 2-hour lessons per week per class
  • Classes are at mornings and afternoons
  • The use of a protective mask is mandatory throughout the course and self-tests for the detection of Covid-19 will be carried out frequently.

For more information and registration you can contact us by phone: +30 210 5126300 & +30 210 51 40440, +30 693 4724893 (WhatsApp, Viber), Mon-Fri, 08.30-20.00.