New registration period for the Greek and English language courses at the Multifunctional Centre for Refugees

Τhe Multifunctional Centre for Refugees continues its registrations for the Greek and English language classes.

Information regarding the courses:

  • The current study cycle will last until May
  • With the end of the training course we will give the students education certificates
  • Students who want to will have the opportunity to participate in examinations for official international language certificates, according to their level
  • Two-hour courses take place two times a week for each group
  • The hours of the classes are 10.00-17.00
  • During the classes there is the babysitting possibility, to help the students who are parents to attend them
  • Educational material is given for free to all the students
  • There are small groups (up to 15 people)
  • The use of protective masks during the classes is mandatory

For more information and registration you can contact us by phone: +30 210 5126300 & +30 210 51 40440, +30 693 4724893 (WhatsApp, Viber), Mon-Fri, 08.30-20.00