"Teaching Greek as a second language in reception classes: from theory to practice" Online Seminar for Educators

In the context of continuous education and training in matters related to our professions, we would like to invite you to an online meeting for teachers who teach Greek as a second language in formal or non-formal education.

Those of us who teach Greek today in reception classes, in formal and non-formal education, are very often faced with challenges, problems and difficulties. Many of us, without having the necessary guidance, but also the corresponding theoretical training or experience, are called to teach and manage multicultural and multilingual classrooms.

Understanding the need that arises for strengthening this educational project both at a theoretical and practical level, we are organizing a 3-hour online seminar with the aim of interacting, discussing our concerns and also strengthening the teachers in this educational practice. We will present the basic principles surrounding second language and its teaching, recommend specific tools, strategies and teaching materials and share our experiences.

The seminar is coordinated by Chrysoula Bina and Myrto Myrtzani – philologists with a postgraduate diploma specializing in “Teaching Greek as a second/foreign language” (E.K.P.A.). Click HERE for CVs.

To register, fill out the form HERE or contact “One Child – One World” by phone at 210-8838512 or by email at [email protected].