Capturing compassion in my city! Cities Network for Integration photography contest

  • City of Athens City of Athens
  • Ημερομηνία Διεξαγωγής: 26/06/2023
  • Προθεσμία εγγραφής: 26/06/2023

New and old residents of the member – cities of the Cities Network for Integration – local people, migrants and refugees – are inspired by this year’s theme of the Refugee Week Greece 2023 Festival “Compassion in Action” and capture acts of compassion and empathy in their city. Any act/move of compassion towards a fellow human (regardless of age, gender, nationality), the animals and plants that live with us and are part of the city in a wider sense, can be the subject of the photo! After all, the goal is for the photos to warm our hearts and highlight the small miracles of humanity that are not known or whose importance is underestimated but happen every day!
The photos will be collected by the organizing committee of the Festival and evaluated by a small group of amateur and professional photographers. The winner of the photo contest will win a gift related to photography.

How can I participate?

To register your participation, please email your photo to [email protected] , filling in all the fields below:
● Email Subject: Cities Network – Photography Contest
● Full Name:
● City:
● Title of Photograph (a few extra words about it are not mandatory but welcome!):
● Contact Details (email, phone):
● Social Media – If any (Facebook, Instagram):
● Do you want to receive news from Refugee Week Festival: YES / NO

File specifications

1. Photo can be taken either with a photo camera or with a smartphone.
2. Please name your file as follows: name_surname_title_year.jpg 3. Minimum dimension: 1500 pixels on their longest side.
4. Minimum resolution: 72 dpi.
5. Aspect ratio: 1: 1 /5: 4 /4: 3 /3: 2 /5: 3 /16: 9 /3: 1 (portrait or landscape).
6. For file sizes over 5 MB, please send your photo as a zip file or via wetransfer.

Deadline for registration of participation: Monday 26 June 2023

A few words about the Refugee Week Greece Festival

Refugee Week Festival will take place this year for the second time in Greece on June 19-25, 2023 on the occasion of the World Refugee Day.
Refugee Week Greece is a community led, all welcome, fully accessible festival. We strongly believe in the importance and values of equality and diversity and we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for event organisers, organisations and the public attending our events. Our aim is to understand and celebrate our diverse community and recognise the value of each individual’s contribution. The initiative is a cultural festival, part of a dynamic global movement, and promotes the contribution, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking refuge.

The Festival is held with the kind support of the City of Athens and the participation of the Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues (ACCMR), the Migrant Integration Center (KEM) and integration programs of the City of Athens, UN Refugee Agency, in Greece, UNICEF Greece and the Network for Children’s Rights.



A few words about the Cities Network for Integration

The Cities Network for Integration (CNI) is an inter-municipal network of Greek municipalities working together to organize and implement coordinated activities and interventions at local and national level, aimed at promoting social integration of migrants and refugees and strengthening social cohesion. The CNI launched its operation in January 2018, based on a memorandum of understanding between the municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki, that paved the way for a common framework for cooperation. Since April 2020, the Cities Network for Integration (CNI) is supported by IOM Greece and UNHCR Greece on the basis of a trilateral cooperation with the Municipality of Athens. Member-Municipalities: Agios Dimitrios, Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Delta, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Kalamaria, Karditsa, Katerini, Larissa, Livadeia, Neapoli – Sykies, Nea Filadelfeia / Nea Chalkidona, Piraeus, Tilos, Trikala, Tripoli.

More information: 

Terms of participation:

1. The content of the photographs must correspond to this year’s theme of REFUGEE WEEK GREECE Compassion in Action , and respect the basic principles of the Festival.
2. Participants are invited to take photos in any of the 18 member-municipalities of the Cities Network they wish.
3. Professional or amateur photographers can participate in the contest. Participation is free and open and there is no age limit.
4. There is a limitation to only one (1) photo per participant.
5. It is not allowed to participate in the contest with photos that have been awarded in other Greek or international contests.
6. Participation with third-party projects or with projects that have been edited will be excluded from the contest.
7. Image copyright remains the property of the photographer. By participating in the contest, the photographer guarantees that he/she is the creator and owner of the work.
8. Participants are responsible for complying with all domestic and international laws (including rights of privacy, abuse, harassment, misleading conduct, disclosure, publicity or copyright and permissions/consent
of people that are depicted) for the photographs they submit to the competition. The depiction of children’s faces is prohibited. 9. Photographs submitted can and will be used for publicity and communication purposes and for the promotion of the contest in Greek and foreign media, and no further consent is needed on the part of the participant who doesn’t establish any right to be remunerated and his/her name will always be placed in the publication. The Festival and the Cities Network for Integration have permission to use participating photos on their websites and social media, but not for commercial use.
10. The judgment of the independent evaluation committee is final, it does not require justification and is not open to any objection.
11. The results of the contest will be announced by July 25, 2023, after the winner of the contest has been notified through the contact details they have provided.
12. By submitting photos to this open call, participants accept the above conditions.