Enrollments at Webinar on Countering Hate Speech by Symbiosis – Council of Europe School of Political Studies in Greece

You are invited to participate in the Webinar on Countering Hate Speech, organised by Symbiosis – Council of Europe School of Political Studies in Greece. This three-week webinar will consist of a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. The thematic focus areas include countering hate speech, examining it from a gender perspective, and working with educational communities. All sessions will be conducted by professionals who work with young people and hate speech victims. Each week, participants will be encouraged to complete and submit assignments to reinforce their understanding of the topics covered. The webinar will be conducted on the Symbiosis E-Learning platform.

We kindly request you to confirm your interest in attending all three sessions, as scheduled in the agenda, by  filling in the application/registration form available HERE until Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 22:00. Once we receive your confirmation, we will enroll you in the Symbiosis E-Learning platform and provide you with the necessary credentials. We believe your active participation in this important initiative can make a difference in countering hate speech and promoting tolerance and inclusivity.

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