"Multaka - Intercultural Tours in Athens": Celebrate European Heritage Days with a cross-cultural tour of the Ancient Agora of Athens: Celebrate European Heritage Days with a cross-cultural tour of the Ancient Agora of Athens

Do you want to find meeting points with other cultures walking with us in the Ancient Agora of Athens? On the occasion of the celebration of the European Cultural Heritage Days on September 23 – 25, with this year’s theme of sustainable cultural heritage, the “Multaka – Intercultural Tours in Athens” program invites you to a Greek-language tour of the Ancient Agora of Athens. The tour will be carried out by a member of the group of “intercultural tourists” of the program, who are refugees and immigrants, but also Greeks with an immigrant or refugee background.

Starting from the Panathenaic Way and following the traces of ancient monuments, such as the Altar of the 12 Gods, the Monument to the Named Heroes, the Old Palace, the well-preserved Temple of Hephaestus and the Stoa of Attalus, we take a journey through space and time and we learn by discussing Gods, Heroes, Holidays, Myths and Institutions.

The “Multaka – Intercultural Tours in Athens”, implemented by the Development and Tourism Promotion Company of the Municipality of Athens and designed by the Ministry of Μigration and Asylum, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Municipality of Athens, brings immigrants and refugees into contact with the history and culture of Greece while at the same time, they themselves share aspects of their own culture, giving rise to the identification of common references and values ​​and to the development of a fruitful intercultural dialogue. The “intercultural travelers” have received special training within the framework of the program.

The tour will take place on Saturday, September 24, at 10 am. and is free to the public.

Meeting point: 24 Adrianou

Reservation required: [email protected].

Learn more about the Program here: https://www.accmr.gr/news/to-programma-multaka-athens-diapolitismikes-periigiseis-stin-athina-xekina/