HELIOS Film Festival

HELIOS Film Festival:
Online Film Festival by the International Organization for Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Greece organizes a unique Online Film Festival, under the framework of EU funded HELIOS project, on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

HELIOS Film Festival, which focuses on migration, begins on 20 June, will last until 24 June and includes 17 movies (short and feature-length films) from across the globe. The films will be available online for five days and can be viewed free of charge in the following link: https://vimeo.com/user/53509242/folder/2051555

HELIOS Film Festival is open and available to all audiences, refugees, migrants and local population, aiming at encouraging an open debate over the challenges, experiences and different aspects of migration, while creating bridges of communication between the host and hosted communities in Greece.

The festival has also an interactive aspect since the audience will be able to share thoughts and questions on the movies via the HELIOS email address: [email protected]

The festival is organized upon cooperation with the Municipalities of Livadeia, Ioannina and Karditsa and is supported by IOM’s Global Migration Film Festival, a festival which runs its 5th year worldwide.

HELIOS project, funded by the European Commission, and supported by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, aims at promoting the integration of beneficiaries of international protection into the Greek society through accommodation and employability support, integration courses, and awareness raising activities towards the development of a fruitful dialogue among refugees and local communities.

The Festival’s Program:

Saturday – 20 June
– Spectres Are Haunting Europe by Maria Kourkouta & Niki Giannari (Greece, 2016, 98’)
– The Migrating Image by Stefan Kruse (Denmark, 2018, 29’)
– Unbroken Paradise by Juan David Romero (Syria/Europe, 2018, 26’)
– Dying for Europe by Nikos Pilos (Greece, 2018, 17’)

Sunday – 21 June
– Sidney and Friends by Tristan Aitchison (Nairobi, 2018, 75’)
– Yazidi by Ektoras Sakaloglou (Greece, 2019, 20’)
– 5 Minutes Silence by Dimitris Argyriou (Greece/Germany, 2018, 11’)
– Azan by Georgia Marangouli (Greece, 2019, 20’)

Monday – 22 June
– Mohamed, the First Name by Malika Zaïri (France/Morocco, 2016, 15’)
– Sargis – Such is Life by Stefan Langthaler (Austria, 2018, 75’)
– Solomos by Vicky Arvelaki (Greece, 2018, 10’)

Tuesday – 23 June
– Aneni by Jack Hawkins (UK, 2019, 29’)
– Monica by Dimitris Argyriou (Germany/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016, 5’)
– America Square by Giannis Sakaridis (Greece, 2016, 96’)

Wednesday – 24 June
– Not Just Football by Paolo Casalis (Italy, 2018, 70’)
– Krisi by Vivian Papageorgiou (Greece, 2019, 9’)
– 4th Wall by Dimitris Gkotsis (Greece, 2018, 10’)

#HELIOS Project supports the integration and the accommodation of recognized refugees in the Greek society. With the support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union #AMIF #DGHOME #EUHomeAffairs.