Mathematical Dictionary

The Mathematical Dictionary contains general mathematical terminology and specialised vocabulary of Algebra and Geometry and it is the starting point for getting assimilated into the world of Mathematics, as well as for putting the knowledge into practice through exercises.

It does not merely cite the translation or definition of mathematical terms from Greek into Turkish, Farsi, Urdu and English, but, at the same time, also tries to include all possible cases in which a math term may appear in a school environment. In this way:

  • a more complete description of the language of Mathematics in Greek is achieved
  • the mathematical terminology is presented in a simple and pleasant way and the concepts are clarified with the help of images and drawings, while also defining the meaning of symbols and math types, serving in this way, students’ learning needs
  • the confusion that would be caused to the teacher by the sequencing of meanings of a term without explanations and clarifications is avoided
  • a large gap in the teaching of Mathematics and Sciences in the Greek educational system is being covered, especially in the context of the integration of newly arrived refugees and immigrants and their access to the inalienable human right of Education

For a child to love the Sciences and to start their journey in the world of mathematical logic, the understanding must be done in their mother tongue, with the use of a tool that can contribute efficiently to the gradual building of their mathematical knowledge.