Useful tools on the SURVIVOR website: Strengthening Services for Migrant and Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

The SURVIVOR program: Strengthening Services for Migrant and Refugee Survivors of Gender Violence, in which the General Secretariat of Family Policy and Gender Equality, Diotima and K.E.T.I. also participate. with funding from the “Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program of the European Union”, gets its own website which offers access to useful tools.

The tools available on the website were developed within the framework of the SURVIVOR program, as well as from different European programs that have been implemented with the aim of empowering and protecting women and girls, refugees and immigrants, are based on best practices and reflect the exchange of experiences between different European countries. Also, they could contribute to the prevention and treatment of gender-based violence, as they are directly accessible to individuals and professionals and can be used by protection organizations in Greece and the EU.

The tools available on the website:

  • They are addressed to organizations and professionals who come into direct contact with the refugee and immigrant population.
  • Indicative topics they cover are, among others, interpretation and access to cultural mediation, the provision of services to survivors of gender-based violence, communication and with the community, economic empowerment and psychosocial support.

The SURVIVOR website was created by IRC Greece within the framework of the work package: “Strengthening the Accessibility of European States to Best Practices and Production of Related Material”.

It is available in Greek & English.