Research: Perceptions of national identity, immigration and refugees in Greece

The Social Change Initiative publishes a new report, which it implemented in collaboration with More in Common, and which provides information on attitudes towards immigrants and refugees as well as in relation to national identity in Greece.

The survey, which was conducted on a representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18 to 64, is part of a wider initiative to address the growing threats to open and inclusive societies. It further delves into the attitude of the Greeks towards their country and its place in the world. It also focuses on their sense of national identity and their views on immigration and refugees. Building on other recent research on these issues, this research provides a deeper understanding of the relationships between the Greek people’s perceptions on these and other issues. This is achieved in the light of a distributional study, which identifies six main groupings of opinion among Greeks.

The organizations Solidarity Now and Human Rights 360 contributed to the research in Greece.

Read the research summary in Greek here:

Learn more and read the entire survey in Greek and English here: