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Equal Society, the leading non-profit organization in the field of education, has been implementing the “E-gnosis” program with absolute success since 2012.

E-Gnosis is a central educational hub as it brings in direct correlation the vulnerable groups of the population with the new technologies and the English language. The main goal of the action is to enhance the skills of each candidate in order for him / her in turn to acquire more supplies when looking for a job.

The Equal Society for the perfect implementation of the initiative has entered into strategic partnerships with leading educational institutions offering a high level of knowledge. Beneficiaries of the action are the unemployed, young men and women, students, refugees, and other vulnerable groups of the population, including civil servants who want to enhance their professional skills.

To date, thousands of trainees have joined the “E-gnosis” program, thus adding value to our program and highlighting the market trend towards each candidate who easily manages the new information and the English language.

Increase your knowledge and see the future with optimism!

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