Trainings on the Provision of Psychological First Aid (PFA)

EPAPSY is organizing a full-day training and an online workshop to familiarize the participants with the provision of Psychological First Aid (PFA) in emergency situations, within the framework of the “Community Based Intervention for Mental Health Care of Asylum-seekers and Refugees in Greece” program implemented in partnership with UNHCR.


The training will take place in English, in person at the EPAPSY Psychosocial Support Centre for Refugees (PSCR) in Exarheia on Wednesday 24/04/2024 (09.30-17.00).

The agenda will be shared soon with the selected participants.

Please express your interest in the form: until 19/04/24 the latest and we will contact you via email.

Due to the limited number of participants, priority will be given to members/employees of grassroot organizations or professionals with limited access to educational courses.

PFA online workshop, 25.04

  • Following a relevant request an online PFA workshop will be also organized in Greek language on Thursday 25/04/2024 (10.00-16.00).

Please express your interest for the online workshop (in Greek language, 25.04.24) in the form:

Διαδικτυακό Σεμινάριο PFA ( until 19/04/24 the latest and we will contact you via email.

For details: please contact us at email: [email protected] or PSCR tel. number 210 3806028.


Nikos Gionakis, MSc: Clinical psychologist, Scientific director and Head of Babel Day Center (mental health unit for immigrants), Adult Educator – Trainer, partner-consultant of international organizations, MHPSS trainer.

Konstantinos Kolovos, PhD, Social Worker – Social Anthropologist, Adult Educator – Trainer, Scientific Coordinator – Project Manager of the Community Psychosocial Workforce Program of EPAPSY.

*Due to the strike announced for Wednesday 17/04/2024, which was the original day set for the PFA training, the in person seminar will be moved to Wednesday, 24/04/2024, while another PFA seminar is added for 25.04 and will be held online in Greek language.