THALIS II Evaluation Service

THALIS II service is an evaluation process for Greek Civil Society Organizations, through which the promotion of the impact of their work, their effectiveness and transparency is sought.

For the evaluation process, a methodology is used, which is the result of a thorough investigation of various approaches to the evaluation of non-profit organizations in European and North American countries. Non-profit organizations participating in the evaluation process will receive an evaluative rating from one (1 – lowest possible performance) to five (5 – highest possible performance) stars.

Through the THALIS II evaluation process you will have the opportunity to record the action and effectiveness of your project, collaborate with the HIGGS team to improve your operation, obtain the Seal of Excellence, based on the final result of your assessment and use the results of your assessment in your communication with potential funders.

The platform will remain open for registration and submission of questionnaires until Friday, March 15, 2024: