Responding to the Disclosure of GBV

“Responding to the Disclosure of GBV”

Wednesday 14th September– Virtual Training

Thursday 15th September – In person training @ HIGGS, Address: 15 Victoros Ougko St., Metaxourgio

Description: The training will explore the intersections between GBV and MHPSS, specifically focusing on the dynamics of disclosure of GBV incidents and how different professionals can respond to such disclosures. It will include candid and realistic case studies in presentations, inviting reflection around the perceptions we carry in our work with GBV survivors as well the impact that it may have in our personal life.


  • To gain a deeper understanding of GBV and MHPSS principles in practice
  • To become familiar with aligning their practice in interdisciplinary teams responding to GBV
  • To gain confidence in dealing with complex cases
  • To be better equipped in dealing with vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue etc.


Training Introductions: 09:00-10:00
Part I: Re-evaluating the MHPSS and GBV principles in practice: 10:00-11:00
Break: 11:00-11:15
Part II: Methodological aspects of GBV response: Re-assessing our role towards the GBV survivors: 11:15-12:15
Part III: Applying a harmonized approach among different professionals: 12:15-13:15
Break: 13:15-14:15
Part IV: Developing response skills through reflection and supervision: 14:15-16:00
Discussion – Closing Remarks: 16:00-17:00


Konstantinos Kolovos is a Social Worker, Social Anthropologist and Trainer working in the humanitarian setting supporting migrants, refugees and front-line workers the last 15 years, in the field of MHPSS, Gender Based Violence prevention and response and Child Protection. His academic research is on forced migration trauma and the intergenerational transmission of refugee women trauma narratives. He is currently working at the Danish Refugee Council (DRC Greece) as a Protection Specialist-GBV Specialist focusing on Women Protection and Empowerment.

Khaleel Isa is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in child and adolescent community based therapy. Dr. Khaleel, has worked a decade as a mental health psycho social coordinator, trainer, clinical supervisor for International Non- Governmental organizations, in Palestine, Turkey, South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Bangladesh and the islands of Greece. He started out first part of his career working as a community clinical psychologist for American mental health
The program is organized with funding support from the U.S. Embassy in Athens.
clinics who focused on trauma-based interventions and gender based violence. Currently Dr. Khaleel Isa, is a Regional Staff Counselor for UNICEF in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Ariel Zarate, LMSW/LGSW is a licensed social worker and MHPSS Technical Specialist working with displaced persons, survivors of trauma in Bangladesh, South Sudan and the United States. Her work ranges from direct clinical care to program design and implementation to supervision and research in low resource and often crisis affected regions. Her specific areas of interest are scaling and prioritizing community care mechanisms, suicide prevention and response, and trauma healing particularly with survivors of torture and violence.

Colleagues who would like to participate should send an email to [email protected], confirming their participation, as there is limited capacity of 30 persons.

The program is organized with the funding of the US Embassy in Athens.