ART IS US Mooc Presentation for arabic speaking learners

For the last 2 years, the ART AND ACTION NETWORK team worked on creating the online training: ART IS US.

The aim of this program is to help creative people who belong to a socially vulnerable group (refugees, etc.) but also community leaders and teachers to acquire knowledge and skills, on topics such as organizing their professional profile, Networking, Search resources, entrepreneurship, community understanding, etc.

The material is available in the following languages: Greek, English, Italian, German, Slovenian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Arabic.

We are organizing an online (zoom) meeting on Thursday, July 6th, 7-8pm where, with the help of an interpreter, we will present the material that is available in the Arabic language.

Please leave your personal information and email in the link below so that the connection link can be sent to you.

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