Presentation of e-nable's Innovative Programs

We invite you to an exciting presentation on November 9 at 17:00 in the main building of the University of Piraeus, where we will present four great Erasmus+ programs that have changed the way of pedagogy and professional development:

1. Ready Teddy Go!!:
At Ready Teddy Go, we have developed an innovative app, Teddy Avatar. This digital teddy bear “communicates” with students with special educational needs and helps them learn simple everyday processes and understand numbers and body parts. A game that learns!

2. Steam3dacademy:
Steam3dacademy offers a wealth of educational content, practice guides, podcasts and interactive teaching aids and lesson plans for teachers. It is designed to empower students and teachers to find work. Discover how you can build a successful career.

The ENTER program offers webinars, educational materials and a digital social entrepreneurship hub. It aims to increase the employability of young unemployed people, regardless of disability. Pave the way to your business success!

4. RE4VET:
The RE4VET program deals with reverse engineering for the analysis of products, systems and technologies. His goal is to fully understand their design and operation. Learn how to discover the engineer behind the products.

These programs open new horizons in education, professional development and employment. Come and discover the world of opportunities together!

We will be very happy to have you with us.