African Masks Workshop – Exploring the concept of gender equality

Open Workshop with Moiz Salman

Friday 17/03 & 31/03 18:00-20:00

At the Anasa Cultural Center, 24 Sfaktirias & Plataion, Kerameikos

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African societies have a rich history of gender equality: both men and women have been valued and recognized for their distinct and complementary roles. This approach arose out of the need to survive and ensure the well-being of communities, resulting in a more balanced distribution of power and responsibility.

However, colonialism brought with it patriarchal norms and values that disrupted this dynamic, undermined the status of women, and contributed to current unequal power dynamics. Societies continue to strive for gender equality, recognizing the importance of reclaiming traditional values and ensuring equal treatment and equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender.

Art is a powerful means of expression and reflects current social values and beliefs.

Thus, in this workshop we will explore the concept of gender equality with the tool of African masks and African symbols, which have always been a source of pride and cultural identity for the African people.

Reflecting on traditional African values and the impact of colonialism, participants will have the opportunity to become more aware of the importance of promoting equal treatment and equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender or other characteristics. Characteristics such as skin color, race, gender, and ethnicity are often used to distinguish people, but these distinctions do not justify unequal treatment or limit people’s choices and experiences. People should be treated as individuals, regardless of their background, and valued for their unique qualities and abilities, as well as their contributions.

It is also important to recognize and address the systemic inequalities and prejudices that exist in our society and are expressed in racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. Only by recognizing and addressing these issues can we work towards building a fairer and more equal society where everyone without exception is treated with respect and dignity.

In conclusion, this workshop is a valuable opportunity for participants to engage with gender equality in a meaningful and effective way. By exploring this important topic with the tool of African masks and African symbols, participants will have the opportunity to better understand the rich cultural heritage of African societies and the role of art in promoting gender equality, thus contributing to ongoing efforts to building a more just and equal world for all people.

Our workshop is self-contained and addresses all genders and nationalities and there is no restriction.

All actions are free and aim to enrich participants’ knowledge on issues related to gender identities, gender-based violence, rape culture, consent and the promotion of healthy interpersonal relationships.

Biography: Moiz Salman was born in Sudan in 1975. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Khartoum in 1998 specializing in sculpture and then switched to painting. He mainly works with marble, clay and iron, while in his paintings he uses acrylics and oil, with a preference for natural and unprocessed pigments, such as coffee, henna, ash and ocher. His subject matter revolves around the problematic of existence through beauty. He has been fruitfully influenced by Iwakawa Yukihiro, Jackson Pollock and Francis Bacon, as well as the philosophers Soren Kierkegaard, Immanuel Kant, Albert Camus.

His works have been exhibited at the University of Sudan in Khartoum, Mulhouse, France (2007), Rotterdam, Netherlands (2009), Basel, Switzerland, as well as the annual anti-racist festivals in Athens.

As an example, the following exhibitions are mentioned:

Team assignments:

– Exhibition of Visual Arts and Photography “People-Colour + Iron 7”, 2013, Movement of Visual Artists “Pera(s)ma” in the Shipyard Repair Zone of Perama. –

Exhibition “Epirot artists against torture”, 2006, Cultural Organization of the City of Athens in collaboration with the Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture, Arts Center of the City of Athens (Eleftheria Park)

– Triskaidekaphobia-Prejudices and Superstitions, 2006, Rubber Art Group in collaboration with the Kosmos-Politism cultural organization, Athens

– Group exhibition with works of immigrant artists, 2005, cultural organization Kosmo-Politismos, Athens – ArtPark, Rhodes

– Group exhibition of visual artists at the festival of the Commons, 6-8 /10/17 School of Fine Arts

-Group exhibition “Find Refuge In Art”, 13-23/12/17 which was organized by the Hellenic Open University. Art Factory

Individual exhibitions:

– Word with color and shape, 2006, cultural organization Kosmo-Politismos

– Everything in life is a pain, 2007, cultural organization Kosmo-Politismos, Athens. Painting exhibition 05-17/12/2016 Locomotive Cooperativa


– Live painting performance “WAR” Onassis Air 2/6/22

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