Body Percussion with Natasha Martin

Six (6) week class series in Body Percussion with Natasha Martin at Anasa Cultural Center

Every Wednesday 20.30-22.00
1st cycle: 11/1/23-15/2/23
2nd cycle: 1/3/23-5/4/23

Information and registration at [email protected] : please include your contact details (full name and tel. No) and mention whether you are interested in the 1st 6-week cycle or both.

  • Body percussion classes at the Anasa Cultural Center teach rhythm, movement, and the history of African American oral traditions.
  • It is said that it started as a way of producing music when, as prisoners of the colonialists, all their instruments had been withheld from them.
  • Another story goes that the genre was a form of protest for liberation and a cry for visibility – if you choose not to see me, then you will hear me!
  • Others claim that body percussion is a black art that was created from the fusion of juba dance, African dance and Anglo-Saxon percussion idioms (Irish step dancing, British clogging, etc.).
  • These and many more we explore in the lesson with Natasha Martin through rhythmic patterns, grooves and group, coordinated playing.

By participating in the classes of Anasa Cultural Center, you support our efforts in raising awareness about the rights of youth of African descent who are born, live, and work in Greece.