Pixida FIlms’ Launch Event: A Screening on ‘Crossings’

Pixida Films is a female and migrant-led film collective aiming to navigate stories of migration through film. Our launch event will be taking place on Monday the 17th of June 2024 at 21:00, the Open Air Cinema Electra, Patision 292, in Athens, taking part in the festival Refugee Week Greece, that celebrates the creativity of people on the move. There is free entrance with a free beverage.

‘Crossings’ presents the stories of migrants on their own terms, in ways that will feel both familiar and far away. Each story is unique, just one of a constellation of narratives produced by forced migration into Greece, from the Greeks of Smyrne that fled a century ago to the current migrant flows. Too often, these stories are recounted in parallel rather than placed in conversation with one another. Yearning to belong; dreaming for another future; remembering foresaken roots: these are some of the feelings articulated by those exiled to Greece. On the very border of Europe, Greece becomes the connecting land between East and West, giving rise to Pandora’s box of emotions elicited by migration, movement and stuckedness. It is precisely because of this position that Greece is as it is: the rite of passage in pursuit of home.

  1. Game Over dir. Saeed Mayahy 28:24’
  2. Ryan dir. Fridoon Joinda 4:06’
  3. Before Now After dir. Xenia Tsilochristou 45:43’
  4. Only My Voice dir. Myriam Rey 11:27’

There will be a panel discussion with Masoud Kazerouni, Myriam Rey, Fridoon Joinda and Xenia Tsilochristou and a video from Saeed Mayahy.

Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to promote and celebrate stories of migration in order to create new solidarities across borders. We believe that by creatively connecting with each other, we are creating a safe and inclusive space which challenges the narrow rhetorics that stigmatise people with lived experiences of migration. We are dedicated to a visually inclusive world.

We curate film screenings and creative events which challenge narrow rhetorics of migration. Using film as our compass, we humanize the daily realities of being a migrant. We aim to work closely with filmmakers, enabling them to be at the epicenter of our curatory process. By working collaboratively with other stakeholders such as festivals and cultural institutions, we bring forward stories of migration in places where they have not yet been heard. This way, we bridge the gap between the realities of the field and the big screen to make a visually inclusive world. We believe that film is one of the most accessible and democratic mediums of art. We invite people from all backgrounds to participate in our events so that they can experience our films together and meet each other. Ultimately, we believe that our work contributes to raising awareness on issues of forced migration and highlight the necessity for integrating migrants in Europe.

For more information, you can visit our website: www.pixidafilms.com Instagram: Pixida_Films/Facebook: Pixida Films/Email: [email protected]