Smart Aid Gathering - Self Advocacy & Active Participation

Smart Aid Gatherings are events designed to bring together a range of stakeholders active in the refugee response in the same room to promote exchange of best practices and cooperation – that means small volunteer groups and organizations, NGOs and field partners. The aim is to have a platform where citizen-led initiatives can share their experiences to continue improving the impact that we can have collectively.   There will be a moderated panel discussion where speakers from different organizations will speak about their involvement in the refugee response and the importance of taking active stand, advocating for their own rights and creating new structures. This time, our speakers will be Wael and Kareem from Syrian Greek Youth Forum and Jackie from Generation 2.0 RED.  

We strongly encourage also others (especially new citizens of refugee or migrant background) to come and share their experience, ideas and opinions in the discussion.  Last but not least, let’s not forget about networking. We will have the time to catch up, meet each other and connect with people while drinking a glass of wine or a beer.