PISEA: Natural Sciences - Integration - Intercultural Dialogue - Resources for intercultural education of science teachers

PISEA – Promoting Intercultural and Inclusive Science Education for Adults is a European project aimed at making non-formal science education and interaction with science more participatory and accessible to marginalized, particularly marginalized groups of immigrants and refugees facing economic, social, educational, cultural or linguistic barriers and discrimination.

The following publication offers staff members practical tools to develop or improve their intercultural skills. This is a set of training modules designed to be used in training laboratories. They can be used separately or adapted to a training cycle containing a combination of several (or all) modules.

Find the Greek version here: http://www.pisea.eu/sites/default/files/training_resources_gr.pdf

See also: Working with Refugees / Migrants as Co-Explainers:

Training Resources (Arabic)
Training Resources (Dari)
Training Resources (Farsi)

More information about the project: http://www.pisea.eu/

The national coordinator of the project for Greece is the Hellenic-German Education (EA).

Here is a list of EA’s research work: https://www.ea.gr/ea/main.asp?id=601&lag=en.

For more information about the material and / or assistance in its implementation, contact Eugenia Kyprioti at [email protected] & 210-8176791


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