Report of Generation 2.0 RED in the framework of the PROGEDI project with the support of partners IRC and KEAN

The majority of employees (96%) consider that Diversity and Inclusion at work have benefits for a working environment to a large extent, while only 37% stated that the organization they work for has some diversity management practice in place. About half of the employees surveyed (46%) believe that Diversity and Inclusion issues are fairly to very high in their organization’s strategy.

More information is included in this Report on the added value and benefits of Diversity and Inclusion at work. The Report is based on the results of a survey carried out by Generation 2.0 RED, within the framework of the PROGEDI project with the support of the partners IRC and KEAN, between May and June 2023, in which working people participated regardless of position from the public and private sectors (small and medium businesses and non-profit organizations).

The aim of the research was to evaluate the perspectives of employees, management executives of small and medium enterprises and other organizations regarding the added value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In addition, the objective was to better understand the existing diversity management practices in these organizations, to detect priorities and plans for further measures and to assess the needs in the Human Resources management departments, at an administrative and organizational level.

With the PROGEDI project we recommend practices of equality, inclusion and strengthening of diversity in the private and public sector, aspiring to contribute in practice not only to bridging the gender gap, but also to ensuring equal access, treatment and remuneration for all people without discrimination.

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