We are learning Greek! Greek language lessons for adults

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
  • Adults


Gefyres means Bridges and that is the name of the group of volunteers teaching greek as a foreign language for free.

The name refers to the bridges they attempt to build connecting the various people reflected on the Athens city canvas.

Lessons of greek as a foreign language, to adults, refugees and migrants.

Lessons of greek history and culture are also provided.

Classes of beginner- level, medium- level and advanced- level.

After a long term attendance and commitment to the courses, the students will be able to participate in the examinations of State Certificate of Language Proficiency for the Greek Language.

Participation/referral information

Those interested may:

  • contact us on the telephone number 6946503372 (Anna)
  • send an e-mail to our group [email protected]


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