Vocational training and employability support

Stakeholder: ANKAA Project
Type of stakeholder: Non Governmental Organizations

Ithakis 29, Athina 112 57, Greece

3rd Municipal Community (SW neighbourhoods - Asteroskopeio, Petralona, Metaxourgio and Thiseio), 6th Municipal Community (North-central neighbourhoods - Patisia, Kipseli)

Service last updated on 13-03-2023


“Build with the tools you have, not the cards you were dealt”

ANKAA Project offers tools to create sustainable livelihoods for rebuilding lives in a dignified and personal manner. We work towards goals that are economically, socially, culturally and educationally sustainable and beneficial to all participants. Denying labels that reduce people to stereotypes and highlight their vulnerability, ANKAA advocates for social inclusion, an acknowledgement of a shared history, equal opportunities and a celebration of cultures and skills. As mentionned in our statutes, the aim of the project is to inform, support and assist asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants, without any discrimination based on nationality, religion, sex, age, culture, color, language, political or any other kind of beliefs, social background, property, birth or any other situation or reason for leaving their country. Through access to education, and further to the labor market, ANKAA fosters an environment for empowerment. 

ANKAA Project strengthens communities affected by forced migration and/or unemployment, by offering a quality program in tailoring coupled with language skills and employability support. Our program is aimed at social inclusion and employability for decent work opportunities in Greece and in Europe.