Soft skills program

Stakeholder: CuriousIQ AMKE
Type of stakeholder: Non Governmental Organizations

Kafkasou 151, Athens, Greece

6η Δημοτική Κοινότητα (Bόρειες κεντρικές συνοικίες – Πατήσια, Κυψέλη)

General Information

Population Groups
Refugee / immigrant population
  • General population 
Days / Hours of service
  • After consultation with the beneficiary
Supported languages


Our soft skills programme is delivered by mentors who are industry professionals and is built to include topics that will support our students on their job search.

These include things like resume building, interview preparation, brand building, communication, pitching & presenting, financial literacy, labor rights literacy and English literacy.

Participation/referral information

Contact us to participate in the program.

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